GT-07 Indianapolis, IN USA

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GT07 Plaque

Diane really was geared up to go to Indy. The anticipation of a lap around the Track was almost unbearable.

Steven, as Events Coordinator for NAMGAR, had already been to Indy and the Track earlier in the year with Jack Kurkowski, Coordinator for GT-7.

It seems that in the previous year another MG organization had used the Track as the site for its convention. Some problems developed, and the Track didn't want another MG convention. After all, all MGs look alike right? Ergo, all MG owners are alike. Steven and Jack worked through the issues, and as part of the discussions, the Track officials took them on a lap and, very emphatically, explained the speed limit rule. Yes, the speed limit is 55! 

A speed limit? It was very hard to believe and even harder to maintain, but the Club behaved exceptionally. We all were in awe.

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We drove Virgin from Grosse Pointe. Steven repaired her broken wing(s) from GT-6 (without bondo). Bruce Nichols drove down from Baghdad (oops, Bad Axe) the night before with an exchange student from Finland. The poor guy really got a taste of the wild and crazy side of Americans.

We stopped at the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum in Auburn, IN for a real treat. Diane really loves Art Deco, and this place is the epitome of class from that era. And the cars are just enormous - very Al Capone-ish. Well over a million dollars worth of inventory on the first floor alone. By now, we were beginning to understand that if you take the time to travel the old national highways and state roads, there are always interesting things to see and do along the way.

Antics at Auburn

We finally made it to the Speedway Motel which was right on Track property, and seeing that marquee, welcoming NAMGAR, just mounted our anticipation of a great weekend. Already there were parking lot gatherings and friends to greet. The guys first headed for the pool to cool off.

Indy was a big, big draw for NAMGAR. MGAs from all over the US showed up to take advantage of a spin around the Track. There must have been 150; the biggest meet to this point. It was also a  hot and humid weekend. The show of cars and vendor area were set up in the infield on turn four. Good thing, too. It's the only place with trees for shade and restrooms that were within a reasonable walking distance. Everyone was fighting for the shade and a cold one all weekend.

This was the first time we remember that Howard Goldman of Moss Motors attended. What a sight when we all lined up for our lap around the Track. And, even though the speed limit was 55, there were a few who managed to push the needle a bit high when the Track officials weren't looking. When you're not driving at speed, the angle on the banks in the corners can seem quite daunting. Each car received a special dash plaque for its lap on the Track.

A Pitstop After the Lap

The Hoosier As treated us well that weekend. It was the Hoosier As that introduced dancing to the line-up of events at GTs. Most everyone danced their legs off  after the banquet that night. We needed the exercise after the great prime rib.

Of course, even the dance floor is an opportunity to swap stories. Mac Spears and Diane talked about his MGAdventure misfortune and needing  to fly home. The next time the two of them were seen on the dance floor was at GT-22, two-stepping and line dancing.

The Hoosier As started their own tradition at this meet: a GT every seven years. So look for us all "...back home in Indiana..." at GT-14, GT-21, etc.

Again, a wonderful meet, many new friends, and hard to say good bye. Till we meet again - in Cypress Gardens in 1983.End Column