GT-37 Dayton, OH USA

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This year's GT in Dayton, OH was not a reality for us. Although reservations were made well in advance, unanticipated obligations and school prevented us from attending. We heard rumors that we were there; but sadly we were not. We really missed seeing everyone.

Dave and Lois Gribler, and Don and Linda Holle were kind enough to provide us with regalia and run-down on the event. Their stories made us "homesick."

We haven't even had PRNCZ out much this season, although she is running really well and enjoys a trip for ice cream occasionally and likes to participate in our chipmunk relocation program. All three of us missed the yearly road trip with Bruce Nichols to the GT.

Steve is not taking a class next summer, and Diane is planning to schedule her piano studies around the GT. There shouldn't be any unancipated events! Do you hear that Murphy?!

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Had we attended the GT, here is the postcard we would have sent you. End Mark