GT-14 Indianapolis, IN USA

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GT14 Dash Plaque

AGT number divisible by 7: this must be one hosted by the Hoosier As. The Track officials liked us so much after GT-7, they invited us back. We're back at the Track and at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Motel, with the same welcoming marquee: WELCOME MGA FANS.  This meet rivaled GT-7 for attendance.

There was no MGAdventure: we motored down in Sven and kind of hung around like a couple of celebrity groupies.

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We don't recall taking in any of the driving events. We don't recall any of the evenings in the bar, but that wasn't unusual for the time. It was another hot, hot, and humid Midwest summer, so we probably spent time in a mall somewhere — maybe Union Station.

There were close to 200 cars and at least twice as many people. There were so many cars and so many people at this meet that we had a hard time just moving from one spot to the next: we kept running into another new or old acquaintance and had to catch up on restoration stories.

Once again the car show was held in the in-field at the fourth turn. We all fought for the little bit of shade. In the photo, Diane with Mac Spears and John "Mc Muffin", are shooting the breeze, which just turned out to be more hot air.  Diane gave up on the car show early, but not too soon to realize that NAMGAR #1, #2 and #4 were there: Wrights, Spears and Renkenbergers.

John Mac Diane
John, Mac & Diane

EVERYONE wanted that lap around the Track. Alas, for us, there was no lap since there was no car. It ain't the same without the A. We did enjoy watching everyone enjoying themselves, especially the first timers, and taking photos from the viewing stands. We even participated in a filming. Todd Clark was into 16mm filming at the time and needed "extras." Todd is another generous NAMGAR contributor through his company, Clark's Spares. So there we stood at Track level. When the MGAs went by, Todd would film them passing. When the MGAs were gone, Todd would film a bunch of us making believe the MGAs were passing. Being an extra in a film. What a job. Are they still paying $5 a day? If so, we're off to Hollywood. We don't recall ever seeing the results of that effort. Then we went off to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame Museum for the rest of the afternoon.

Cecila Bruce
Cecilia Selling MGA Breastplates

Many of the NAMGAR originals were at the meet as were many of  the MGA!  newsletter staff and other newsletter contributors. All four chairmen were there: Mac Spears, Ruth Renkenberger, Steven Mazurek and Joyce Hart. They were all gratefully recognized and honored at the banquet.

Cecila Bruce
Lining Up for the Lap

The vendor area was another place where we spent some time, stocking up on restoration necessities like that Tonka MGA model that Diane is buying from Cecelia Bruce of Scarborough Faire.

After looking at the picture, we wonder if Cecilia was modeling MGA wheel covers or breastplates for that fuller measure of protection in a roadster (hee! hee!). Through the years Cecelia has been a great NAMGAR supporter through her company and her attendance at so many of the functions. She is always generous with door prizes and advice and parts assistance to attendees who have limped in with, or have been stranded by, their MGAs at the meets. At least we had room in the SAAB to carry the parts we bought - and the air conditioning was certainly welcome.

Although we enjoyed the meet and the Hoosier hospitality, we were happy to leave the heat and head home.End Column