Mazureks' MGA Adventures Updates


Steven And Diane

The Mazureks at GT-38

It probably would be a good idea to visit the site updates occasionally, so if you decide to return later, you'll have some idea of what may be new since your last visit.



We've added a page that describes our trip to GT-42 in Solvang, CA. And, what a trip it was. We've also put a place holder for GT-43 in Richmond, VA, 2018.


We've added the GT-41 page that describes our trip to MG2016 GT-41. We've also added a little to new page for the upcoming GT-42 in Solvang, CA.


We've added the page that describes our travels centering around GT-40. We've also updated the internal links to accommodate this page and the new page for the upcoming GT-41 in Louisville, Ky. Finally, we corrected some link issues we found on the U.S. map.


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Every page has been touched. There is a new layout in addition to grammar corrections, some pages with new images, some additional descriptions, etc. It probably wouldn't hurt to read through it all again. We also added additional pages under the new topic: Other Stuff.